Agrochemical Patent Database

Tracking innovation in the crop protection industry

As pressures grow on the agrochemical R&D pipeline, the need for innovation in research has never been greater.  Phillips McDougall’s Agrochemical Patent Database has been developed to enable you to meet these challenges by focusing on the first patents published in any family and identifying new chemistries at the earliest possible stage.

Launched in 2016, the database provides information on published patent applications selected on the basis of innovative chemistries and their application in agriculture, in both crop protection and non-crop scenarios.

Patents are classified by company, geographic location of the company and chemistry type. The data is based on priority patents and categorised to facilitate data aggregation and further trend analysis by clients.

The database includes detailed information extracted from the patents plus additional data correlated with Phillips McDougall’s other services.


How can a subscription benefit your business?

Optimise your strategic and investment decisions with Phillips McDougall’s database of global agrochemical patents selected by our analysts to alert users to innovative chemistries. 

  • Rapidly identify competitor agrochemical research projects and track their progress through the R&D pipeline
  • Identify novel research targeted to specific crops or pests
  • Identify potential partnering or licensing opportunities at the earliest possible stage of the R&D process
  • Identify trends in patent activity

Identify Patents

  • The patent dashboard enables you to filter patents by company, region, country, chemistry, crop, pest and date range.  Searches can be saved.
  • Results are displayed graphically by year and in list format with headline data.
  • Data can be downloaded to Excel or printed.

Analyse Patents

  • Selected results are displayed with headline patent data plus preview chemical structures
  • For each selected search result, the full patent profile summarises key data
  • Headline analysis is provided by Phillips McDougall analysts to highlight the most recent patent activity in the industry. Subscribers can identify new technologies and pinpoint emerging market trends by customising this analysis using a variety of filters including crop, pest, company, chemical class and others.

Agrochemical Patent Database

  • Patents are sourced from online patent repositories including the European Patent Office
  • Priority patents are selected by Phillips McDougall’s analysts to refine the database and focus on innovative agrochemicals
  • Patents are categorised by priority year in order to establish the effective date of the invention
  • Non-agricultural patents are excluded from the database
  • Patents are categorised to enable rapid, intuitive data searches
  • Patent trend analysis allows the user to understand the innovation landscape around their areas of research

Analyst Support

If subscribers to Agrochemical Patent Database require further explanation or data to help in their understanding of the analysis presented, analysts are available to subscribers by telephone, fax or email.

Our analysts have a wealth of experience, with over 50 years of combined experience in the crop protection industry.


To find out how the Agrochemical Patent Database can help you and your business, request a free web demo by clicking here, or email